Holidays Rental Amsterdam Metropolitan Area

Holidays Rental in 14th Century Ancient Village, Amsterdam Central 18 Min, Amsterdam Airport 35 Min, Zero Parking Costs, Amsterdam Metro 10 Min, 5 Buses/Hour, Rental Bikes, Rent Traditional Dutch Sailing Barge.

The Dutch Buoy, Monnickendam, expats` residential rental, vacation rental Amsterdam.
Attractive LIVING/DINING ROOM, red brown parquet (Padoek), fast WiFi, huge LED Philips BDL5585XL/00. Step-gable houses opposite Dutch Buoy.

Almost 90 reviews on this website

Review 1 = Lovely accommodation, beautiful village

So much better than Amsterdam. A beautiful fishing village just a bus ride away from Amsterdam. We loved it. The location on the canal was incredible. The house inside was top notch. We had everything we needed and communication with Rein and Ben was excellent. If we ever return to the Netherlands we will definitely stay here again.

Canadian Review from Deb, 5 stars,, stayed in The Dutch Buoy from 29. April till 4. May 2024.

Review 2 = A magnificent place to get away and enjoy the countryside

A magnificent place to get away and enjoy the countryside. The house is a wonderful place - highly recommended. 

  • Check-in = 5 = Gastgeber hat schnell auf Nachrichten reagiert, klare Anweisungen, einfach zu finden, einfach, in die Unterkunft zu gelangen
  • Sauberkeit = 5 = Makellose Möbel & Bettwäsche, kein unnötiger Kram, blitzsauberes Badezimmer, makellose Küche
  • Genauigkeit der Angaben = 5 = sah aus wie auf den Fotos, entsprach der Beschreibung, angegebene Ausstattung & Services waren vorhanden

  • Standort = 5 = schöne Umgebung, Privat, gut zu Fuß erreichbar

    • Kommunikation = 5 = immer gut erreichbar, proaktiv, Empfehlungen für die Umgebung, hilfreiche Anweisungen
    • Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis = 5.

 American Review from Afredo, 5 stars,, stayed in The Dutch Buoy from 25. till 29. April 2024. 

Review 3 = Lovely home in a quaint location.

We had an excellent stay at the Dutch Buoy! It was so nice to come back to Monickendam after all the activity in the city of Amsterdam. We felt very safe, the home is very cozy and comfortable. We really enjoyed the restaurants in town, the food and service is so much better than you can get in a touristy area.. We had no problem with riding the metro and bus. Thank you to both Ben and Reim for all of the guidance.


American Review from Barb, 5 stars,, stayed in The Dutch Buoy from 15. till 20. April 2024. 

Review 4 = Sweet fishing village
The Dutch Buoy provided plenty of room for our group of four adults. The view over the canal was fabulous. The village of Monnickendam was just what we were looking for. We used public transportation for a day in Amsterdam, and parked our rental car for free outside our VRBO. Day trips from there were easy. Rein and Ben were both very attentive--without being intrusive!
American Review from Paulette, 5 stars,, stayed in The Dutch Buoy from 9. till 13. April 2024. 

Review 5 = Thank you for your part in a wonderful family vacation!
The location was perfect for the view and public transportation into Amsterdam and other highlights. The apt was very artistically decorated and had modern kitchen and bathrooms. Our family vacation was enhanced by staying here.
American Review from Merrily, 5 stars,, stayed in The Dutch Buoy from 30. March. till 6. April 2024. 

Review 6 = Great location.

We enjoyed our stay in this beautiful little town. Easy commute to Amsterdam.

American Review from Laura, 5 stars,, stayed in The Dutch Buoy from 17. till 24. March 2024.

Review 7 = Just Perfect!
What a lovely town and house. Just Perfect! We will be back.
Irish Review from Jesse, 5 stars, our guest book, stayed in The Dutch Buoy from 4. till 9. March 2024. 

Renting 1st & 2nd floor of our 17th century canal house. Completely furnished with high-end utilities & facilities. Modern stylish furnished. Beautifully situated in the heart of this 760 years old fishing-village, Monnickendam.


Our delightful and historical house, has been appointed to a very high standard with many interesting and charming interior design features. Our house is beautifully situated in the centre of Monnickendam with a wonderful view across the canal and the traditional Dutch sailing barges that moor alongside.


You are living in a 14th century fishing-village! Close at hand is a small supermarket, bakery, pastry, butcher, pubs, cheese shop, restaurants, etc. all within walking distance. The view from the living room is very pretty - the canal with its boats and a church with the steeple lit at night. Our concierge services are a bonus, always helpful when called upon. 


Feeling like Home in authentic 17th century Canal House with High Tech, Top Beds, Celebrity Amenities, Luxury Equipped Kitchen, Concierge Services in our 14th century Village Monnickendam.

Dutch Buoy Monnickendam, high-end canal house rental
FIRST BATHROOM with bathtub, Jacuzzi, shower, toilet bowl and wash basin.



Attractive LIVING/DINING ROOM: red brown parquet (Padoek), fast WiFi, Edra Broom chairs, huge OLED TV Sony Bravia, stunning panorama over Fishing Harbor.


Ultra-modern KITCHEN: all Gaggenau hardware: exhaust system, gas cooker, top stove, fridge, dishwasher and deep-freeze cabinet. Casseroles & utensils Montignac.


FIRST BATHROOM: bathtub, Jacuzzi, shower, toilet bowl and wash basin.


FIRST BEDROOM: Timothy Oulton King Size Bed, The Brigadier, 180 X 200. Brigadier mattress, 32 cm – 12½ ” thick, has two full layers of individual calico pocket Energy springs & is richly extravagantly upholstered with New Zealand wool, 100% long stranded cotton & finest Mongolian horsehair.  

Don’t want to stay in an expensive hotel/apartment in Amsterdam?    Prefer living among locals? Prefer to stay in a safe village? Not in an overcrowded metropolis? Then The  Dutch Buoy is your solution!

Dutch Buoy Monnickendam, vacation rental, expat rental Amsterdam
SECOND BEDROOM: from our Excellent Queen Size bed looking into an electrifying monumental fishery harbour.



SECOND BEDROOM: from our Excellent Queen Size bed you are looking into an electrifying monumental fishery harbour. Oak floor.


SECOND (modern) BATHROOM: gorgeous view over District Lake – with shower, toilet bowl, urinal and two wash basins.


LIBRARY with two leather chairs. 


THIRD BEDROOM: an Excellent Queen Size Bed.


STORE ROOM with Miele washing machine & condense dryer.

Rental Advantages Monnickendam Compared to Amsterdam: Safer,  Rental rates 50% Cheaper, ZERO parking costs, More Authentic (flat bottomed fishing boats, mackerel, warfs), Being Local among Locals.

De Keukenhof in Week 19 (6 May - 12 May 2024)

In the week of May 6, due to the warm weather and the heavy rainfall the past weeks, we expect less bloom in the park. The flower bulb fields outside Keukenhof have been cut, so it is visible that the end of spring is approaching. The last late blooming species are in bloom in the park. The other flower beds have finished flowering and have been cut. The gardeners maintain the park optimally and plant extra tulips and other flowers in some areas. The flower mosaic next to the Oranje Nassau pavilion is also in bloom.

The park is designed in English landscape style; other parts of the park offer surprising vistas. The more than 2500 trees are filled with leaves, giving the park character. The towering rhododendrons bloom luxuriantly, forming an impressive wall of flowers. The azaleas give the park a beautiful deep pink colour.

Even in the last week, we continue to showcase flower shows. In our pavilions, there are still various flower shows to see. A beautiful carnation and summer flower show in the Oranje Nassau pavilion, a colourful flower and plant show in the Willem-Alexander pavilion, and a must-see orchid show in the Beatrix pavilion.

In the last week, there are extra events in the park. In the inspirational gardens, there is delightful lounge music on weekdays. On May 11 and 12, it’s Romance at Keukenhof. Spread throughout the park, we surprise visitors with various classical performances and costumes.

These pictures are taken on May 5 2024.






These pictures are shot on 30 April 2024.



Monnickendam, place with 800 years city rights
The Dutch Buoy, Amsterdam Metropolitan Area

Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket

The Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket entitles you to unlimited travel in Amsterdam and its whole region - day and night - on bus, metro and train. This ticket is valid for 1, 2 or 3 calendar days from first check in. A day in this context begins at 0.00 am and ends the next day at 4.00 pm. With this ticket you always check in when boarding and check our getting off the bus or tram. For metro or train you check in and out at the station (platform). 1 day = € 18,50/ 2 days = € 26,00 / 3 days = € 33,50 per person.

Where to buy?

Tourist Information Centre VVV Monnickendam = 2 minutes from The Dutch Buoy or GVB Tickets & Info = at Amsterdam Central Station or NS Tickets & Service = Schiphol Plaza, main hall.   

Bus travel from the Dutch Buoy to Amsterdam: take bus 315 (a 5 minutes`walk to bus stop Swaensborch) to Amsterdam North Metro Station (= a 10 minutes`bus drive) or take bus 316 or 314 (a 8 minutes`walk to bus stop at provincial road N247) to Amsterdam Central Station (= a 18 minutes`bus drive).

Short Origin of Waterland, Region North Amsterdam

Short Origin of Waterland in The Edge of The World, How the North Sea Made Us Who We Are (Michael Pye, 2015):

“Human beings started to quit the North Sea coast in the tenth century and they moved inland to the peat zone. The domes and cushions of peat, standing four meters proud of the bog itself, looked like the terpen, the kind of hillocks which has used as refuges before. A century of drought made the bogs seem almost accessible, and if drought could do that, man could do better. All it took was ditches and canals to drain off the water from the high peat domes to the pools that pockmarked the low bog, and you can dig a ditch with the tools any peasant owns: no new technology required. Once drained, the land could be farmed. All the sodden peat in Waterland, which is just north of Amsterdam, became land for farming in this way. …………The town of Medemblik sat in Waterland on the side of the Almere Lake. It was a transit town for freight coming from the Rhine and heading to the North Sea on its way to Scandinavia and England. ………. The sea broke into the lake and turned it brackish and tidal: what was used to be called the Zuider Zee……….. Between 1100 and 1300 most of the Zuider Zee was lined with dikes to stop the land washing away……… The Dutch already had the reputation for managing water …… “free ground with free people” ….. Peat-mining became an industry: for fuel and breweries from Amsterdam to Antwerp. The towns had ruined the peat grounds with their appetite for fuel and now the fact that the ground was spoiled led to the building of dams and the new towns around them: towns like Amsterdam and Monnickendam.

North of Amsterdam after  the Romans retreated the North Sea areas:
First the Frisians (650-900 CE) developed these peat zones, building on domes and cushions (= terpen) their villages. Using their flat-bottomed boats – look at the picture in front of The Dutch Buoy – to trade and spreading the use of money. Once drained, all sodden peat, became land for farming. Medemblik became transit town for freight from the Rhine to Scandinavia and England.The sea broke into the lake and turned it brackish and tidal: what was used to be called the Zuider Zee.

Then the Vikings (800-1200 CE) came to rob & trade. Between 1100-1300 most of the Zuider Zee was lined with dikes. The Dutch already had the reputation for managing water: “free ground with free people”. Peat-mining became an industry: for fuel and breweries from Amsterdam to Antwerp. The towns had ruined the peat grounds with their appetite for fuel. Now the ground was spoiled led to the building of dams and towns like Amsterdam and Monnickendam.

Then Hansa towns (1250-1550 CE), a cartel between Hamburg, Lubeck, Cologne, York, London and Edinburgh, banded together to keep their ships safe, made sure they were well treated in foreign ports. Around 1550 Hansa towns deteriorated.

Then Amsterdam (1550-1650 CE) became the (physical) stock market for Atlantic & Pacific trade. The golden age of Amsterdam is beginning: the art, the riches, the great fleets and the complex markets in anything from paper, grain, species, slaves. Power became a matter of show and glitz as well as armies and diplomacy, soft power perhaps but essential when a ruler is surrounded by disorderly, independent towns and dependent on big merchant enterprises". 

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